Welcome to Shubhankar Home Stay!

Staying in here doesn't have to cost a fortune. Book your stay with us and receive one of the lowest rates of any hostel in the city!

Welcome to Shubhankar Homestay.

A stay here is one that can be tailored to fit almost anyone's needs, from couples and families to groups and retreats. The only difference is that your visit will always feel personal and intimate with none of the institutional trappings.

The Homestay has a bungalow of living space consisting of four rooms. It covers an area of 1,200 square feet. These rooms include 2 double beds (12 x 12), 1 dormitory (12 x 15) with high - ceiling & spacious room space for a comforting stay. The facility also has an extra room to accommodate your driver. The homestay also has a ground for visitors to experience a campsite under moonlight. The facility also provides 100% pure vegetarian meal.

Within short distances, there are several beautiful beaches, Vijadurg Fort, Scuba diving and water sports, a wax museum and Rameshwar Temple. This is the perfect spot for families, honeymoons, weddings, and groups of friends to relax and play.

Places nearby

Places to visit near the homestay.

Vijaydurg Fort & Beach

Vijaydurg Fort & Vijaydurg Beach just 5kms. away

Rameshwar Mandir

Rameshwar Mandir & Pokharbav Ganesha Mandir near the homestay

Devgad Beach

Just 30kms. from the homestay, an exciting spot for Scuba diving & water sports

Wax Museum

25km from the homestay

Scuba Diving & Water Sports

Water sport activities a few kilometers from the homestay


Boating experience a few kilometers away!

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575, Rameshwar Kate, Vijaydurg,
Devgad, Sindhudurg,
Maharashtra 416806