Bungalow : Capacity of 12 - 15 Peoples

INR. 3000.00 / Night
  • Shubhankar Homestay, Vijaydurg
  • Shubhankar Homestay
  • Double Bed at Shubhankar Homestay
  • Double Bed at Shubhankar Homestay
  • Dormitory at Shubhankar Homestay
  • Dining Area
  • Shower and Water Closet
  • Shower and Water Closet
About Bungalow

Shubhankar Homestay (Nivas) is a bungalow space available for tourists and visitors to rent. We provide basic amenities for a comfortable and a homely stay. This property is centrally located, close to fascinating sightseeing areas such as Vijaydurg Beach and Fort, Devgad Beach & many more. We also provide hearty vegetarian meals on demand. Ideal for fat india family or group of friends. Bungalow of living space consisting of four rooms viz., 2 Double Bed Room, 1 Dormitory & 1 Room for servernts or drivers.

The Space
Total Capacity: 12 to 15 Peoples
Bedroom 1: 144 Sq.Ft.
Bedroom 2: 144 Sq.Ft.
Bungalow: 39,000 Sq.Ft.
Dormitory: 180 Sq.Ft.
Servent/Driver Room: 150 Sq.Ft.

Bedroom 1: 2 on Bed, 2 on Floor Mattress
Bedroom 2: 2 on Bed, 2 on Floor Mattress
Dormitory: 1 on Bed, 4 on Floor Mattress
Servent/Driver Room: On Floor Mattress

Ideal For

Big Fat Indian Family

Group of Friends

Vegetarian Breakfast
Free Parking
Vegetarian Lunch & Dinner
Huge Activity Area
  Inverter Backup

Cancel before 5 days of your trip.

Regular plan

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
INR 2500.00 INR 2500.00 INR 2500.00 INR 2500.00 INR 2500.00 INR 2500.00 INR 2500.00

Places nearby

Places to visit near the homestay.

Vijaydurg Fort & Beach

Vijaydurg Fort & Vijaydurg Beach just 5kms. away

Rameshwar Mandir

Rameshwar Mandir & Pokharbav Ganesha Mandir near the homestay

Devgad Beach

Just 30kms. from the homestay, an exciting spot for Scuba diving & water sports

Wax Museum

25km from the homestay

Scuba Diving & Water Sports

Water sport activities a few kilometers from the homestay


Boating experience a few kilometers away!